logo_new_02«Russian Kolbussian» starts a new musical trend bringing together Russian folklore and traditions with modern musical tendencies. The style we play is called «dashing Russian folk crossover» – a combination of modern rhythms and electronic experiences spiced up with a traditional sound of Russian national instruments, such as balalaika, rachets and wooden spoons.

This is what we think:

«Now there are lots of bands performing modernized Russian folk music, as well as all sorts of club music, but what we do is quite unique and has not been attempted before, so without excessive modesty we see ourselves as initiators of a new Russian performance style, which combines Russian folk, club music, legacy of our country’s recent past, well-known examples of foreign hits and elements of funk. Shortly, a dashing Russian folk crossover!»

We invite you all to a club party with some Russian spice!

During performance we are 7 musicians on stage. We sing and play balalaika, domra, accordion, guitar, bass, drum set, keys, controllers, the Hornpipes, three tone chanilka, flute tsuG, pipe, ratchets, maracas, tamburines, wooden spoons, pkha-chi-chi, other noise instruments. If some of these names left you wondering, come to our concert and see for yourself what they are!


«Russian Kolbussian» actively works with:



Show-ballet «Chocolate»

Other masters of Dance

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