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Saint-Petersburg, Russia 

Russian Kolbussian does a show «Feel Russia with Russian Kolbussian!» to give you a taste of a Russian ethnic experience. In addition to Russian folk songs, we also play the world’s covers with Russian folk instruments. Russian Kolbussian often shares stage with stars and artists of the two capitals, Moscow and St. Petersburg, and welcomes collaboration with artists in other parts of Russia and all over the world. We are very easy to find and happy to play for you and with you!

You can also send us a message using the contact form below:

  1. By: Walter Hertle


    when are you in Germany (Bavaria) ?
    We would like to have you play in Immeldorf (Weisses Ross).
    Tel. 09827-223 Handy 0176-78388181

  2. By: RK


    Thanks for your interest in us! Surely, we are planning going to Bavaria in March, 2016. We shall call you!

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