Technical requirements for Russian Kolbussian:

Maximum configuration:


Drum set Tama, Ludwig (22, 12,13,16).
3 stands for cymbals.
Stand for hi-hat.
Stand for snair drum.
Chair for drummer.
Pedal to the big drum.

Guitar stack/combo Marshall, Fender Twin or similar.
Bass stack/combo Ampeg, Trace Eliott or similar.
4 — 5 monitors.
4 diboxes.

Instrumental microphones shure sm57.
Microphones for drum set, preferably shure drum set.
2 vocal  wireless microphones shure pg58 on stands.
2 wire/-less microphones shure beta 58a/ shure pg58 on stands.
Absolutely a must reverberate and audio delay device (Lexicon, TC Electronics  or similar).

Balalaika, domra and electro-accordion are connected to mixing console by our wireless systems. Outs —  XLR x 2 + jack x 1.




Stage-plan for Russian Kolbussian:



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